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Agent-oriented software is an established research field. For this reason, it is important to develop comprehensive measures of excellence to evaluate this software. No set of measures defining the overall quality of an agent has been developed to date. Some attempts at evaluating agent quality have addressed certain agent features, like the development(More)
The theory of fuzzy sets [1] proposed by Zadeh has achieved a great success in various fields. Out of several higher order fuzzy sets, the concept of an intuitionistic fuzzy set (IFS) introduced by Atanassov has been found to be highly useful to deal with vagueness/imprecision. IFS theory has been extensively applied to areas like Artificial Intelligence,(More)
The recently developed extended belief rule-based inference methodology (RIMER+) recognizes the need of modeling different types of information and uncertainty that usually coexist in real environments. A home setting with sensors located in different rooms and on different appliances can be considered as a particularly relevant example of such an(More)
A belief rule-base inference methodology using the evidential reasoning approach (RIMER) has been developed recently, which is an extension of traditional rule based systems and is capable of representing more complicated causal relationships using different types of information with uncertainties. A rule-base in RIMER is designed with belief degrees(More)
The authors present a synthesis tool for FSMs tolerating a single fault in the sequencing logic (next state logic or state register). Two architectures based on the use of SEC codes can be automatically implemented using this tool. The fault-tolerant FSMs can be generated either from a state transition graph specified, for example, in Kiss format or in(More)
In those problems dealing with linguistic information and multiple sources of information may happen that the sources have different degree of knowledge about the problem and could be suitable and necessary the use of different linguistic term sets with different granularity defining a multi granular linguistic context. Different approaches have been(More)
Usually, the solution set of alternatives is achieved in two phases [5]: aggregation phase and exploitation phase. The aggregation phase leads us to the use of an aggregation operator for getting a collective preference relation. The OWA operator [7] guided by fuzzy majority is a usual aggregation procedure to combine the experts ́ fuzzy preference(More)
Performance appraisal is a process used for some firms in order to evaluate the employees¿ efficiency and productivity for planning their promotion policy. Initially this process was carried out just by the executive staff, but recently it has evolved to an evaluation process based on the opinion of different reviewers, supervisors, collaborators, clients(More)