L. Mark Hall

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The binding affinity to human serum albumin for 94 drugs was modeled with topological descriptors of molecular structure, using as experimental data the HPLC chromatographic retention index [logk(HSA)] on immobilized albumin. The electrotopological state (E-State) along with the molecular connectivity chi indices provided the basis for a satisfactory model:(More)
A back-propagation artificial neural network (ANN) was used to create a 10-fold leave-10%-out cross-validated ensemble model of high performance liquid chromatography retention index (HPLC-RI) for a data set of 498 diverse druglike compounds. A 10-fold multiple linear regression (MLR) ensemble model of the same data was developed for comparison. Molecular(More)
The binding of beta-lactams to human serum proteins was modeled with topological descriptors of molecular structure. Experimental data was the concentration of protein-bound drug expressed as a percent of the total plasma concentration (percent fraction bound, PFB) for 87 penicillins and for 115 beta-lactams. The electrotopological state indices (E-State)(More)
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