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In this paper software program package (SPP) for study of the wide class of the EM problems based on the method of auxiliary sources (MAS) solver is described. This SPP allows solving 3D diffraction and wave propagation problems, close to the real scenarios. This SPP based on MAS as mutually complementary together with FDTD solver will be implemented into(More)
During last several years our laboratory has developed program package FDTDLab which represents itself flexible computer simulation tool for study of wide range of EM problems, including thermal effects as a result of EM influence on biological objects. In this aspect important issue is to take into account several life processes, which take place in living(More)
A new algorithm for construction of artificial blood vessel networks and a new approach to simulate heat exchange in tissue are presented. The algorithm produces discrete three-dimensional geometric representations of both arterial and venous networks. The key feature of the algorithm is that growth begins from the root points and it can work with any(More)
The adaptation of MAS (Method of Auxiliary Sources) for problems of scattering in case of open surfaces is presented. Proposed algorithmis implemented for simple flat PEC and curved plates. Results obtained by this procedure are presented and also compared with Method of Moment (MoM).
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