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This paper describes the development of a new biorobotic platform inspired by the lamprey. Design, fabrication and implemented control are all based on biomechanical and neuroscientific findings on this eel-like fish. The lamprey model has been extensively studied and characterized in recent years because it possesses all basic functions and control(More)
Building on previous studies of volcanoes around the Hellas basin with new studies of imaging Glaces et l'Activité (OMEGA)), topographic (Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA)) and gravity data, we define a new Martian volcanic province as the Circum-Hellas Volcanic Province (CHVP). With an area of 42.1 million km 2 , it contains the six oldest central vent(More)
The work reported in this paper addresses the development of a reconfigurable anguilliform swimming robotic platform carried out in the framework of an active research Project (European research Contract " ANGELS " [1, 2] on bio-inspired electric sense). The artefact is designed to swim either as an eel-like whole entity, or splitting into smaller agents(More)
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