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An expressed sequence tag-based microarray was used to profile genome expression underlying light control of Arabidopsis development. Qualitatively similar gene expression profiles were observed among seedlings grown in different light qualities, including far-red, red, and blue light, which are mediated primarily by phytochrome A, phytochrome B, and the(More)
Context-awareness is essential to the development of adaptive information systems. Environmental noise can provide a rich source of information about the current context. We describe our approach for automatically sensing and recognising noise from typical environments of daily life, such as office, car and city street. In this paper we present our hidden(More)
Craniosynostosis, Boston type is an autosomal dominant disorder that results in the premature fusion of calvarial bones and ensuing abnormalities in skull shape. We showed previously that this disorder is tightly linked to the Msx2 homeobox gene on the long arm of chromosome 5, and that affected individuals bear a mutated copy of Msx2. In addition,(More)
The effects of venlafaxine, a novel serotonin and adrenaline reuptake inhibitor, on the morphine withdrawal and activation of morphine conditioned place preference (CPP), were investigated in rats. Our results showed that the most morphine withdrawal signs, including jumping, writhing, shakes, exploring, lacrimation, piloerection, irritability, and(More)
The possible effect of a cholecystokinin-8 agonist (caerulein) and antagonists (MK-329 and L365,260) on the development of morphine dependence and withdrawal were investigated in rats. Caerulein treatment (0.01 and 0.1 mg/kg) increased the incidence of naloxone-induced withdrawal syndromes and delayed the extinction of morphine-conditioned place preference(More)
Iron is one of the essential micronutrients required by all living organisms. In this study, we isolated a gene encoding putative citrate synthase (CS) from Malus xiaojinensis, designated as MxCS1. The MxCS1 gene encodes a protein of 473 amino acid residues with a predicted molecular mass of 52.5 kDa and a theoretical isoelectric point of 8.67. The(More)
An experiment investigating the photoelectron instability has been performed in BEPC at IHEP, China. The betatron oscillation of each bunch was observed and recorded by a single pass beam position monitor system which has a capability to measure the transverse position of every bunch over 16000 turns. The effect of an octupole magnet on the instability was(More)
Craniosynostosis, the premature fusion of calvarial sutures, is a common developmental anomaly that causes abnormal skull shape. The locus for one autosomal dominant form of craniosynostosis has been mapped to chromosome 5qter. The human MSX2 gene localizes to chromosome 5, and a polymorphic marker in the MSX2 intron segregates in a kindred with the(More)