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Histamine accumulated in the ligated vagus nerve of the rat, both above and below the ligature; maximum accumulation was after 4 h. The finding is suggestive of axonal flow. Further evidence for histamine in peripheral nerves was obtained in experiments showing that the guinea-pig gut wall could be labelled with [3H]histamine. The experiments were carried(More)
Between 30 and 40 days of age, female bank voles were kept singly, in female pairs, separated from an adult male by a wire mesh, or paired with a vasectomized male. At Day 40 they were paired with adult intact males. Fertility at the first mating was low (22-25%), but if the females had previously mated with the vasectomized male fertility of the subsequent(More)
Female bank voles mated when 30-50 days old showed only 20-25% fertility at the first mating, but fertility increased to about 80% in animals greater than 100 days of age at the first mating. Young females subjected to artificial cervical stimulation after the completion of a normal mating showed a much higher fertility than normally mated controls (76(More)
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