L M Spain

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These studies address the role of PU.1 in T cell development through the analysis of PU.1-/- mice. We show that the majority of PU.1-/- thymocytes are blocked in differentiation prior to T cell commitment, and contain a population of thymocyte progenitors with the cell surface phenotype of CD44+, HSAbright, c-kitint, Thy-1-, CD25-, Sca-1-, CD4-, and CD8-.(More)
During aging in mice and humans, a gradual decline in thymus integrity and function occurs (thymic involution). To determine whether T cell reactivity or development affects thymic involution, we compared the thymic phenotype in old (12 months) and young (2 months) mice transgenic for rearranged alphabeta or beta 2B4 T cell receptor (TCR) genes, mice made(More)
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