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A new method of energobiometric monitoring, which is realized, using the applied computeric programm, was proposed. Energobiometric monitoring permits to determine quantitatively the energetic deficiency level and to correct it in time for the perioperative morbidity minimization. The patients, suffering uncomplicated operational trauma, presenting in two(More)
AIM To characterize elimination of some enzymes in intermittent hemofiltration (HF) in patients with acute renal failure (ARF). MATERIAL AND METHODS 22 patients with oliguric ARF have undergone 52 procedures of intermittent HF. Before the procedure and after it the activity of enzymes (AA, AP, ACE, LAP, GGT, GDG, AlAT, AsAT, CPG, LDG) was measured in the(More)
Result of microsurgical correction of posttraumatic defect of soft tissues depends a lot on anesthesiological support. During the operation the inhibition of energetic status causes the occurrence of oxygentransporting debt, metabolic acidosis develops. Analgosedation, peculiar to anesthesy, promotes an organism defense toward operative trauma of middle(More)