L. M. M. Ferreira

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The effects of heather (composed primarily of Calluna vulgaris with a smaller content of Erica umbellata and Erica cinerea) consumption on the establishment of incoming infective larvae (experiment 1, preventive treatment) and an adult worm population (experiment 2, curative treatment) were investigated in Cashmere goats experimentally infected with(More)
SUMMARY It is well established that the use of alfalfa in diets for monogastric animals is limited by its high fiber content. However, alfalfa is a natural source of xanthophylls and gives poultry products a desirably yellow color. In addition, alfalfa saponins may contribute to reduce the levels of cholesterol in the meat and egg yolk. We have investigated(More)
SUMMARY Diets containing low-quality durum wheat (716 g/kg) for production of pasta were used to feed male broiler chicks. The efficacy of xylanase supplementation and the impact of xylanase inhibitors on losses in exogenous enzyme activity were analyzed. Birds fed on the basal diet, not supplemented with recombinant xylanases or Roxazyme G, reached a BW of(More)
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA or “ecstasy”) is a recreational drug used worldwide for its distinctive psychotropic effects. Although important cardiovascular effects, such as increased blood pressure and heart rate, have also been described, the vascular effects of MDMA and metabolites and their correlation with hyperthermia (major side effect of(More)
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