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Effects of biological activity, light, temperature and oxygen on the phosphorus (P) release processes at the sediment and water interface of a shallow lake, Taihu Lake, China, were investigated. The results show that organisms at the sediment and water interface can stimulate P release from sediments, and their metabolism can alter the surrounding(More)
We have developed single-photon 1-D imaging detectors based on superconducting tunnel junctions. The devices have a Ta film with an Al/AlOx/Al tunnel junction on each end and a Nb contact in the center. The best energy resolution of this kind of detector is 13 eV for 5.9 keV x-ray photons. Two devices with different lengths: 500 and 1000 μm are measured to(More)
The velocity potential around two spheres moving perpendicularly to the line joining their centers is given by a series of spherical harmonics. The appropriateness of the truncation is evaluated by determining the residual normal surface velocity on the spheres. In evaluating the residual normal velocity, a recursive procedure is constructed to evaluate the(More)
Effects of oxygen on the release and distribution of phosphorus (P) in the sediments in the presence of light were investigated, using sediment cores and overlying water from Lake Taihu, in China. The results show that P can be released from sediments to the overlying water in both anoxic and aerobic conditions. But more P was released in the anoxic(More)
With t-channel ρ, f2(1270) exchange and the ππ → ρρ → ππ box diagram contribution, we reproduce the ππ isotensor S-wave and Dwave scattering phase shifts and inelasticities up to 2.2 GeV quite well in a K-matrix formalism. The t-channel ρ exchange provides repulsive negative phase shifts while the t-channel f2(1270) gives an attractive force to increase the(More)
Effects of oxygen and light on the uptake and distribution of phosphorus at the sediment-water interface were investigated in this study. The experimental water and sediment samples were collected from East Taihu Lake, China. The results show that phosphorus can be taken up from the overlying water to the sediments with high nutrient loading in both anoxic(More)
We are developing single photon 1-D and 2-D imaging spectrometers using superconducting tunnel junctions for astrophysical applications. They can operate in the energy range from X-ray to NIR. Our devices utilize a lateral trapping geometry. They have superconducting tunnel junctions on the sides of the absorber far apart from it. Energy information is(More)
It is very important to create photonic devices (e.g., optical power limiters, switches) for green, NdYAG pulsed laser radiation. In Reference 1, it was shown that 25-100-pm pathlength liquid-crystal (LC) layers may have, for nanosecond, 532-nm irradiation, extraordinarily high values of nonlinear absorption coefficient p, and refractive coefficient n2 even(More)