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The synthesis and release of C3, PGE2, and TxB2 by cultured splenic, alveolar and peritoneal guinea pig macrophages in 24 hour culture was determined. There were significant differences in C3 production among all three sources of macrophages. Splenic macrophages produced significantly less PGE2 than alveolar or peritoneal macrophages. Peritoneal macrophages(More)
Tumor immunity developing as a response to an autologous colon-tumor/bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccine appears to be associated with induction of CD4+ helper T cells, implied by the observation that vaccine efficacy is associated with major histocompatibility complex class-II molecule expression on the vaccine tumor cells. Therefore, in an attempt to(More)
The effect of in vivo administration of the immunomodulator TP-5 on the in vitro synthesis and release of C3, PGE2, and TXB2 by guinea pig alveolar, splenic, and peritoneal macrophages was studied. Three groups of animals were studied: unburned control, burned, and burned + TP-5. There was no significant difference in the production of C3, PGE2, or TXB2, by(More)
The effect of fluid-phase C3b on mitogen-induced lymphocyte proliferation in the presence and absence of macrophages was studied. In general, C3b inhibited the proliferation of lymphocytes when monocytes (macrophages) were present. The degree of inhibition by C3b was different for B and T lymphocytes and varied for different subpopulations of lymphocyte(More)
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