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Hydrogen peroxide, at concentrations comparable to those observed under some pathological conditions, produced a concentration-dependent inhibition of state 3 (ADP-stimulated) and uncoupled mitochondrial respiratory activity. The ADP:O ratio was also substantially reduced. In contrast, the organic peroxide, t-butylhydroperoxide at the same concentrations(More)
We present the results of exploratory HST observations to detect the emission lines of ions in the β Pictoris disk with the spectrograph slit placed off the star. Possible emission lines from Fe ii have been detected at ∼ 10 −14 erg cm −2 s −1 at 0.5 from β Pictoris, which would suggest a total Fe ii density of > ∼ 2 · 10 −2 cm −3 at 10 AU. This detection(More)
Factor V Leiden (F5 L) is a common genetic risk factor for venous thromboembolism (VTE), though it exhibits only 10% penetrance. We conducted a sensitized ENU mutagenesis screen for dominant thrombosuppressor genes based on perinatal lethal thrombosis in mice homozygous for F5 L (F5 L/L) and haploinsufficient for tissue factor pathway inhibitor (Tfpi +/
During early recirculation following global brain ischemia, mitochondria are exposed to markedly elevated Ca(2+) concentrations and a short-lived production of reactive oxygen species, including hydrogen peroxide (H(2)O(2)). A brief increase in mitochondrial Ca(2+) and a subsequent increase in mitochondrial glutathione content have been observed. In the(More)
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