L M Crews

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The initial step in the recognition of odors occurs when individual odorant molecules enter the nasal cavity and interact with the sensory endings of neurons located in the olfactory epithelium. These neurons are unique in several respects. First, they are directly accessible to the external environment. Second, perhaps because of their exposure to toxic(More)
1. Alliin lyase (EC was purified up to sevenfold from garlic-bulb homogenates. The enzyme was unstable to storage at -10 degrees , particularly in dilute concentrations, but the addition of glycerol (final concentration 10%, v/v) stabilized the activity completely for at least 30 days. 2. The purified enzyme had an optimum pH for activity at 6.5.(More)
The feeding of spittlebug nymphs (Philaenus spumarius) from mature xylem vessels was studied by optical and cryo-analytical scanning electron microscopy. Feeding did not produce xylem embolisms and vessels remained liquid-filled during the day. Saliva secreted by the insect forms a hardened lining (salivary sheath) between the stylet bundle and the plant(More)
The goal of the present investigation was to determine in the squirrel monkey the source and pattern of inhibin, a hormone known to effect reproductive steroid levels via pituitary and ovarian mechanisms. Since this seasonally polyestrous species is known to have elevated serum levels of reproductive steroids compared to other primates, the levels of(More)
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