L. M. Biswas

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Tobacco smoking is a leading preventable cause of premature death in the USA. Menthol is a significant flavoring additive in tobacco products. Clinical evidence suggests that menthol may promote tobacco smoking and nicotine dependence. However, it is unclear whether menthol enhances the reinforcing actions of nicotine and thus facilitates nicotine(More)
morning of the 13th November I was hurriedly called in to see him. He had after much coughing and sneezing evacuated a worm-like creature from his nose, and this had been thrown on the floor, where it looked like a small mass of muco-purulent nasal secretion with a streak of blood along it. In due course however it uncoiled itself to a length of about one(More)
Increasing clinical evidence suggests that menthol, a significant flavoring additive in tobacco products, may contribute to smoking and nicotine dependence. Relapse to smoking behavior presents a formidable challenge for the treatment of tobacco addiction. An unresolved issue is whether the mentholation of tobacco products precipitates relapse to tobacco(More)
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