L.M. Bharadwaj

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A drug delivery system has been envisioned employing actinmyosin molecular motors, liposomes, microcantilevers and a specific track formed by microfilaments. Molecular motors can pull on giant liposomes enclosing the drug to be delivered at the target site. An array of microcantilevers whose deflection in nanometers would cause the opening of the valves(More)
The development of a stable and sensitive microgravimetric immunobiosensor requires stable and reproducible immobilization method for binding antibodies to the biosensing surface. The piezoelectric quartz crystal surface is coated with a specific antibody to which the specific antigen is adsorbed resulting in change of its resonance frequency. In the(More)
Innovative efforts, coupling fundamental biological and chemical sciences with technological advances in the fields of micromachining and microfabrication of silicon chips will lead to the lab-on-a-chip for large-scale diagnosis of diseases. It is a potential tool allowing simultaneous detection of a large number of disease biomarkers in a single step. The(More)
The rapid developments in the field of biochemical sciences, immunology, molecular biology and semiconductor microfabrication technology has led to the concept of microdiagnostic kits. The diagnostic principle of nanomechanical deflection of the microcantilever due to adsorption of the antigen 85 complex on its upper surface is employed for the diagnosis of(More)
The cell is often referred to as a molecular factory. Even simple prokaryotic cell are incredibly complex systems containing molecular machinery. Biological molecules and systems have a number of attributes that make them highly suitable for molecular nanotechnology applications. The construction of nanoscale devices has the potential to radically change(More)
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