L. M. Belyavtseva

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It has been established that an increase in RNA synthesis in the neurons of the cerebral cortex of rats at the stage of consolidation is manifested in well-trained animals more strongly than in poorly trained animals. The selective influence of propylnorantitheine and demethylated derivatives of ethylnorantitheine on the maintenance of conditioned reflexes(More)
A study of the effect of the neurotropic drug ethimizole (ethylnorantiphein*) on memory and learning processes has shown that it acts mainly on the stage of consolidation of the engram of the acquired skill [3]. A single dose of ethimizole lengthens the retention time of a learned skill. This effect is exhibited in rats for 2 months [2], which shows that(More)
An important role in the mechanisms of action of the known nootropic drugs is ascribed to macromolecular synthesis [3]. An increase in the intensity of uptake of labeled precursors into proteins of a cell suspension from certain parts of the brain has been demonstrated experimentally. In the modern view, long-term retention of the memory trace is connected(More)
Among the various physiological and metabolic effects of the antitheines, attention has been drawn to the dissimilar action of structural analogs of ethylnorantitheine (ethimizole) on long-term memory, which is largely linked with their effects on the genetic apparatus of neurons [2, 7]. However, the problem of structural and functional changes in the outer(More)
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