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The shape of dendritic trees and the density of dendritic spines can undergo significant changes during the life of a neuron. We report here the function of the small GTPases Rac and Rho in the maintenance of dendritic structures. Maturing pyramidal neurons in rat hippocampal slice culture were biolistically transfected with dominant GTPase mutants. We(More)
Rac is a member of the Rho family of small GTPases and acts as a molecular switch. When GTP-bound, Rac binds specific effectors to induce downstream signaling events, including actin cytoskeletal rearrangements (Hall, Science 1998;279:509-514). Herein we review the recent evidence suggesting that Rac is involved in the morphogenesis of dendritic spines (Luo(More)
Synapses are the basic units of information transmission, processing and integration in the nervous system. Dysfunction of the synaptic development has been recognized as one of the main reasons for mental dementia and psychiatric diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and autism. However, the underlying mechanisms of the synapse formation are far from clear.(More)
Functional synapse formation is critical for the wiring of neural circuits in the developing brain. The cell adhesion molecule N-cadherin plays important roles in target recognition and synaptogenesis. However, the molecular mechanisms that regulate the localization of N-cadherin and the subsequent effects remain poorly understood. Here, we show that(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of ALA-PDT on fibroblast cells from hypertrophic scars in vitro, and to identify proper dosage of photosensitizer and energy level of laser light. METHODS Fibroblast cells from hypertrophic scars were cultured in vitro. ALA (5-aminolevulnilic acid) was added into the culture fluid with different concentrations. Then the(More)
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