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Poncet's disease is characterized by a polyarthritis that occurs during acute tuberculosis infection in which no mycobacterial involvement can be found or other known cause of polyarthritis detected. It is a different entity from tuberculous arthritis, which is usually monoarticular and is caused by direct tuberculin infection. Poncet's disease remains a(More)
AIM To explore an efficient, practical and objective quantitative method to evaluate the retinal neovascularization in mouse model of oxygen induced retinopathy (OIR). METHODS Thirty C57BL/6J mice were explored in OIR model procedure. Eyes were removed for different staining methods including: (1) HE staining; (2) immunohistochemistry with Griffonia(More)
OBJECTIVE Controlling vaccine-preventable infectious diseases is a public health priority in French Guiana but there is currently no epidemiological data on pediatric bacterial meningitis in this overseas department. Our aim was to describe data related to pediatric bacterial meningitis in French Guiana and compare it with that of metropolitan France. (More)
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