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The world is permanently changing. Laboratory experiments on learning and memory normally minimize this feature of reality, keeping all conditions except the conditioned and unconditioned stimuli as constant as possible. In the real world, however, animals need to extract from the universe of sensory signals the actual predictors of salient events by(More)
A total of 18 associative learning/memory tests have been applied to Drosophila melanogaster flies lacking mushroom bodies. Only in paradigms involving chemosensory cues as conditioned stimuli have flies been found to be compromised by a block in the mushroom body pathway. Among the learning tasks not requiring these structures are a case of motor learning(More)
This paper presents a snore active noise control (ANC) system to effectively reduce the loud snore for the snorer's bed partner. Real-time experiments are conducted to evaluate the noise reduction performance based on the headboard and pillow setups. This snore ANC system is integrated with a non-obtrusive technique to detect obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)(More)
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