L. Ling

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This study examines the generalized multiquadrics (MQ), Cj (x) = [(x-xj)2 + c~]~ in the numerical solutions of elliptic two-dimensional partial differential equations (PDEs) with Dirichlet boundary conditions. The exponent /9 as well as c~ can be classified as shape parameters since these affect the shape of the MQ basis function. We examined variations of(More)
Isolation by the 5 anchored PCR technique and characterization of eighteen microsatellite loci in the horseshoe crab (Tachypleus gigas). The horseshoe crab, a well-known 'living fossil', is represented by two species (Tachypleus gigas and Carcinoscor-pius rotundicauda) in peninsular Malaysia. One of these, T. gigas inhabits shallow marine waters and(More)
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