L. Lefebvre

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Tabletops incite people to collaborate around shared documents. We propose DIGITABLE, a platform for collo-cated and remote collaboration which attempts to preserve the fluidity of interactions and the mutual awareness of co-presence. DIGITABLE combines a multiuser tactile table-top, a video-communication system and a robust computer vision module for(More)
Shared interface allowing several users in co-presence to interact simultaneously on digital data on a single display is an uprising challenge in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Its development is motivated by the advent of large displays such as wall-screens and tabletops. It affords fluid and natural digital interaction without hindering human(More)
Behavioural innovations have been largely documented in birds and are thought to provide advantages in changing environments. However, the mechanisms by which behavioural innovations spread remain poorly known. Two major mechanisms are supposed to play a fundamental role: innovation diffusion by social learning and independent appearance of the same(More)
The generation and maintenance of within-population variation in cognitive abilities remain poorly understood. Recent theories propose that this variation might reflect the existence of consistent cognitive strategies distributed along a slow–fast continuum influenced by shyness. The slow–fast continuum might be reflected in the well-known speed–accuracy(More)
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