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Genetically obese (ob/ob) mice were employed for the study of the effect of metformin on activity and expression of nitric oxide synthase (NOS ) in vitro and in vivo. For in vitro analysis, mouse liver extracts were used. For the in vivo study, (ob/ob) and their control litter mates (ob/c) mice were injected with specified amounts of metformin and the(More)
Mutations arise during DNA replication due to oxidative lesions and intrinsic polymerase errors. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) mutation rate is therefore closely linked to the mitochondrial DNA turnover process, especially in post mitotic cells. This makes the mitochondrial DNA turnover rate critical for understanding the origin and dynamics of mtDNA(More)
The interaction between man and environment in Malaiyur, a hilly village of Madurai District (Tamil Nadu) was studied during the year 1998. The village is sustained on agriculture labour and hence occupies the lowest hierarchy with traditional occupation and the people may be categorised as 'ecosystem people'. The study suggests that the people has to be(More)
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