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The overset grid nicknamed " Yin-Yang " grid is singularity free and has quasi-uniform grid spacing. It is composed of two identical latitude/longitude orthogonal grid panels that are combined to cover the sphere with partial overlap on their boundaries. The system of shallow-water equations (SWEs) is a hyperbolic system at the core of many models of the(More)
We investigate the performance of domain decomposition methods for solving the Poisson equation on the surface of the sphere. This equation arises in a global weather model as a consequence of an implicit time discretization. We consider two different types of algorithms: the Dirichlet-Neumann algorithm and the optimal Schwarz method. We show that both(More)
This talk concerns a preconditioning method of AMLI type [3] for the solution of linear partial differential equations systems. An earlier idea of this study was proposed in [2] for scalar case. In this work we want to make some further extension of the study done in [1], in particular we propose to give a robust pre-conditioning iterative schemes using(More)
In recent years, much attention has been given to domain decomposition methods for solving linear elliptic problems that are based on a partitioning of the domain of the physical problem. More recently, a new class of Schwarz methods known as optimized Schwarz methods was introduced to improve the performance of the classical Schwarz methods. In this paper,(More)
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