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This article introduces a single-item scale, the Affect Grid, designed as a quick means of assessing affect along the dimensions of pleasure-displeasure and arousal-sleepiness. The Affect Grid is potentially suitable for any study that requires judgments about affect of either a descriptive or a subjective kind. The scale was shown to have adequate(More)
INTRODUCTION Fatigue and cognitive deficits are common symptoms affecting patients with multiple sclerosis. METHODS The effects of interferon beta on fatigue and cognitive deficits were assessed in 50 patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis (recruited at a single center). The pre-treatment assessments were performed on visits 1 and 2 (Months 0 and 3).(More)
This study investigated the errors of obtaining visually selected anatomic landmarks for use in the registration process in a passive optical non-image-based computer-assisted total knee arthroplasty system in 5 fresh frozen cadavers. The projected maximum errors in the femoral mechanical axis (due to registration errors of the center of the distal femur)(More)
BACKGROUND Pain is common in older people, particularly those in residential aged care facilities (RACF) and those with dementia. However, despite 20 years of discourse on pain and dementia, pain is still undetected or misinterpreted in people with dementia in residential aged care facilities, particularly those with communication difficulties. METHODS A(More)
The proposal is to convert the vacant ground floor dwelling into commercial space and merge the space with the adjacent commercial space that was formerly occupied by a laundromat. The new commercial space would be approximately 1,000 square-feet and occupied by a new indoor children's play facility d.b.a. "The Little Lounge". Pursuant to Section 317 of the(More)
PURPOSE Stability in distractor design ensures distraction osteogenesis healing with good bone regenerate formation. The aim of this study was to compare the holding strengths of different fixation systems for maxillary distractor design on bone pieces of different thicknesses. MATERIAL AND METHODS Cross-sectional images of 10 dry skulls were obtained by(More)
The development of rapid prototyping has evolved from the crude milled models to the laser polymerised stereolithographic models of excellent accuracy. The technology was advanced further with the recent introduction of fused deposition modelling and the 3-dimensional ink-jet printing technique in stereo-model fabrication. The concept of using a(More)
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