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The initial step in the recognition of odors occurs when individual odorant molecules enter the nasal cavity and interact with the sensory endings of neurons located in the olfactory epithelium. These neurons are unique in several respects. First, they are directly accessible to the external environment. Second, perhaps because of their exposure to toxic(More)
Motoneurons seem to require contact with their target muscle even after embryogenesis is complete, but the consequences of target-deprivation during postnatal development are poorly understood. To examine the fate of motoneurons separated from their targets postnatally, we labeled the motoneurons that innervate the biceps brachii muscle with the retrograde(More)
BACKGROUND A poorly understood protein-losing enteropathy (PLE) disorder has been reported in Yorkshire Terrier dogs. OBJECTIVES To describe clinical features, intestinal histopathology, and outcome in Yorkshire Terrier dogs with PLE, and to identify variables predictive of outcome. ANIMALS Thirty client-owned Yorkshire Terrier dogs with PLE. METHODS(More)
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