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To better understand the interplay between the temporal and spatial components of visual perception, we studied the effects of transient spatial attention on temporal resolution. Given that spatial attention sharpens spatial resolution, can it also affect temporal resolution? To assess temporal resolution, we measured the two-flash fusion threshold When two(More)
We analyzed photometric measurements and images of comet C/LINEAR before perihelion and after its breakup. Results from our photometry data include a lower limit of 0.44 kilometer for the radius of the nucleus before breakup, and a determination that it was depleted in carbon-chain molecules relative to most other comets. Our imaging and modeling results,(More)
Charmonium suppression in hot and dense nuclear matter has been argued to be a signature for the production of the quark gluon plasma (QGP). In order to search for this effect in heavy ion collisions one must have a clear understanding of all the factors that can contribute to such a suppression. These may include shadowing of the partons in a nuclear(More)
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