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We analyzed photometric measurements and images of comet C/LINEAR before perihelion and after its breakup. Results from our photometry data include a lower limit of 0.44 kilometer for the radius of the nucleus before breakup, and a determination that it was depleted in carbon-chain molecules relative to most other comets. Our imaging and modeling results,(More)
Larval fishes experience extreme mortality rates, with 99% of a cohort perishing within days after starting to actively feed. While recent evidence suggests that hydrodynamic factors contribute to constraining larval feeding during early ontogeny, feeding is a complex process that involves numerous interacting behavioural and biomechanical components. How(More)
Charmonium suppression in hot and dense nuclear matter has been argued to be a signature for the production of the quark gluon plasma (QGP). In order to search for this effect in heavy ion collisions one must have a clear understanding of all the factors that can contribute to such a suppression. These may include shadowing of the partons in a nuclear(More)
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