L. Krishnamurthy

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Most power management protocols are packet-based and optimized for applications with mostly asynchronous (i.e. unexpected) traffic. We present AppSleep, a stream-oriented power management protocol for latency tolerant sensor network applications. For this class of applications, AppSleep demonstrates an over 3/spl times/ lifetime gain over B-MAC and SMAC.(More)
This paper presents a computer vision based method which generates a synthetic image of the earth as would be viewed by an aerial camera. The method takes geo-referenced, ortho-rectified aerial image database as the source and using a pinhole perspective camera model generates the synthetic image. The method requires the position and attitude of the camera,(More)
The purpose of this thesis is to characterize, compare and contrast four network-centric software architectures, namely Client-Server Architecture (CSA), Distributed Objects Architecture (DOA), Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Peer-to-Peer Architecture (PPA) and seven associated frameworks consisting of .NET, Java EE, CORBA, DCOM, Web Services, Jini(More)
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