L. Kjell Wahlström

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The significance of adult buck aggression as a proximate factor driving yearling male dispersal in roe deer, Capreolus Capreolus, was studied in Sweden during the dispersal season (April–June) in 1988–1991. In roe there is a well established positive correlation between yearling antler size and dispersal tendency. I tested the prediction that yearlings with(More)
A new chromatofocusing medium, MonoP, was used for fast (60 min or less) separations of human serum proteins. Separations in the broad pH interval 6.0-3.8 were analysed by fused rocket immunoelectrophoresis to identify a number of proteins, and by gradient gel electrophoresis to determine the molecular weight distribution of the eluted material. To(More)
An assay for quantification of riboflavin (Rf) in milk-based products has been developed using the principle of surface plasmon resonance with on-chip measurement. The quantification was done indirectly by measuring excess of Rf binding protein (RBP) that remains free after complexation with Rf molecules originally present in the sample solution. The chip(More)
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