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The duplex stabilities of various phosphorothioate, methylphosphonate, RNA and 2'-OCH3 RNA analogs of two self-complementary DNA 14-mers are compared. Phosphorothioate and/or methylphosphonate analogs of the two sequences d(TAATTAATTAATTA) [D1] and d(TAGCTAATTAGCTA) [D2] differ in the number, position, or chirality (at the 5' terminal linkage) of the(More)
Deoxyribooligonucleotides containing 19 repeating bases of A, T or U were prepared with normal phosphodiester (dA19, dT19, dU19) or methylphosphonate (dA*19, dT*19, dU*19) linkages. Complexes of these strands have been investigated at 1:1 and 1:2 molar ratios (purine:pyrimidine) by thermal melting and gel electrophoresis. There are dramatic sequence(More)
Results from UV thermal melting, polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and circular dichroism (CD) experimetns are used to compare stabilities of complexes formed from 1:1 and 1:2 molar ratio mixtures of dA19 or dA*P19 (alternating phosphodiester and methylphosphonate linkages on the A chain) with dT19 or dT*P19 (alternating phosphodiester and(More)
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