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BACKGROUND Iron deficiency and its consequent anemia constitute the commonest micronutrient deficiency in the world. OBJECTIVE We investigated whether long-term, weekly iron-folate supplements administered at school would improve hemoglobin and ferritin concentrations in adolescent girls, including those with mild-to-moderate anemia and hemoglobin(More)
In simulation environments, prediction of path losses, maximum communication coverage for each node and received signal strength are calculated by using propagation model. However, most of the simulation tools only offer simple propagation model that neglected obstacles in the propagation environment. This paper reviews a variety of more realistic(More)
For deployment of Wireless Sensor Network in precision farming to be successful, a study of the performance of wireless systems from a network coverage and link quality perspectives must be conducted to ensure a reliable, optimized and cost effective deployment of the network. This paper reports on sets of measurements conducted in a potential precision(More)
This paper presents a preliminary study to obtain the propagation characteristics for IEEE 802.15.4 Low Rate-Wireless Personal Area Network (LR-WPAN). Two units of Wireless Sensor Networks Nodes (WSNs) were used in this study. Data collection was performed at a wide outdoor area with the nodes being positioned in a vertical and horizontal positions. For(More)
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