L. K. Sidorov

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The specific morphological and biological features of dwarf chars Salvelinus malma curilus from three isolated populations of the southern Kuril Islands Kunashir and Iturup were studied. It was shown that brook dwarfs, in comparison with the migratory form of Salvelinus malma curilus, are characterized by a smaller diameter of spawned eggs (which(More)
The biology, structure of populations, and morphology of diadromous East Siberian char Salvelinus leucomaenis from two rivers of the Kuril Islands—the Kunashir and the Iturup—are studied and the resident lacustrine form from Lake Peschanoe is described for the first time. It is shown that the specific features of the anadromous migration of diadromous(More)
While describing the meristic characters of Sakhalin taimen Hucho perryi from the Bogataya River (Sakhalin Island), Gritsenko et al. (1974) found two types of gill rakers on the first gill arch (sp. br.) in individuals longer than 30 cm. These were “normally developed” and “reduced” ones. “Reduced” gill rakers took the form of small rough tubercles ( n =(More)
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