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In this paper, a new hybrid medical image segmentation method in the level-set framework is proposed. The method uses both the objectpsilas boundary and region information to achieve robust and accurate segmentation results. The boundary information can help to detect the precise location of the target object and the region information can help to prevent(More)
This paper describes results of a quantitative evaluation of a flexible spring mass system image registration technique previously proposed by the authors. The method is assessed against two well-known registration algorithms namely the Demons and the B-spline free form deformations (FFD) implemented in Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK).(More)
When performing structure integrity assessment of an aircraft component with curved surfaces based on its multiple NDT records obtained by different inspection techniques, there are two main difficulties. While one is to efficiently combine visual information from multiple NDT images for presentation to inspectors, the other is to measure accurately defect(More)
Accurate segmentation of the internal carotid artery (ICA) is a critical step towards the diagnosis of carotid artery disease. A method is presented and evaluated for segmentation of internal carotid arteries using adaptive thresholding. Thirty-two arteries were segmented with the proposed method and their stenoses classified. A specialised graphical user(More)
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