L K Boatwright

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To investigate the relationship between memory performance, self-assessment of memory, and affective status, 67 elderly females were administered a self-assessment memory questionnaire and multiple measures of affect and laboratory memory tet performance. Canonical correlations indicated that the memory performance scores were not related to the affective(More)
This experiment investigated the role of the encoding-retrieval relationship in adult age differences in memory. To determine the optimal encoding-retrieval conditions for adults of different ages, young, middle-aged, and older adults were given a semantic or acoustic orienting task, followed by semantic and acoustic recognition tests or semantic and(More)
Older adults in highrise buildings were recruited for memory training using positive ("build your memory power"), neutral ("learn memory skills"), or negative ("avoid memory failures") content approaches which were: printed on a poster mounted in a prominent place (CSA), presented orally at a building meeting (PC), and, finally, printed on flyers(More)
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