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Diabetes in patients with pancreatic cancer occurs in 70% to 80% of the patients and is characterized by high plasma levels of insulin. In type II diabetes that is not associated with pancreatic cancer, peripheral insulin resistance and impaired muscle glycogen synthesis are major pathogenic factors. We investigated peripheral insulin sensitivity in(More)
Beta2-agonists are frequently used by elite cross-country skiers, a group of athletes with a high prevalence of asthma. It has been claimed that beta2-agonists have a positive effect on physical performance. The aim of the present study was to investigate whether inhalation of a beta2-agonist increases physical performance at low temperature in healthy,(More)
The effects of metoprolol, a selective beta adrenergic receptor antagonist, on blood pressure, beta receptor blockade (antagoinst of isoproterenol and exercise tachycardia), and plasma renin activity (PRA) have been compared with those of placebo in 16 patients with essential hypertension. The dose of metroprolol was 25 mg three times daily for 1 wk and(More)
Fourteen patients with classical rheumatoid arthritis and 7 healthy controls underwent a modified fast, containing diluted fruit and vegetable juices, for a 10-day period. To evaluate the effect of fasting on the inflammatory activity, plasma protein determinations were performed before and on the 10th day of fasting. Both patients and healthy controls(More)
The effects of once daily dosage of the two cardioselective beta-adrenoceptor blocking agents, atenolol and metoprolol, were studied in 26 patients with primary hypertension. The study was a randomized double-blind cross-over trial with placebo run-in and wash-out. Assessment of effect was performed about 1 and 25 hours after dosing. At rest, both atenolol(More)
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