L. Jansen

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At the Institute of Control and Automation Engineering Design/CPN has been used to model the European Control System (ETCS) within a project for the Deutsche Bahn AG (German railways). This paper reports of experiences in modelling this complex, distributed automation system using Coloured Petri Nets and the Design/CPN tools. We will concentrate on some(More)
We consider the area of train control systems like the European Train Control Systems (ETCS) where several different scenarios are considered and related software components must cooperate effectively in order to achieve the desired system behavior. In order to specify operational behavior of ETCS high-level Petri net techniques have been identified as one(More)
The problem of specifying a radio-based railway level crossing control system is described. It is used within the DFG-supported Priority Programme \Software Speciication" as a comparison case study for a number of participating research projects and shall ooer realistic problems from the traac control systems domain. The remainder of the paper deals with(More)
When submitting clinical study data in electronic format to the FDA, not only information from trials has to be submitted, but also information to help understand the data. Part of this information is a data definition file, which is the metadata describing the format and content of the submitted data sets. When submitting data in the CDISC SDTM format it(More)
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