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The postsynaptic potentials elicited in peroneal motoneurons by either mechanical stimulation of cutaneous areas innervated by the superficial peroneal nerve (SP) or repetitive electrical stimulation of SP were compared in anesthetized cats. After denervation of the foot sparing only the territory of SP terminal branches, reproducible mechanical(More)
1. Triceps surae and plantaris (Pl) motoneurons were recorded intracellularly in chloralose or pentobarbital sodium (Nembutal)-anesthetized cats during unfused tetanic contractions of gastrocnemius medialis muscle (GM) produced by stimulating either a cut branch of the GM nerve or the muscle directly. 2. In alpha-motoneurons, during a series of GM twitches(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate whether ultrastructural features can be used as a guide to identify alpha- and gamma-motoneurons among the intermediate-size neurons of the peroneal motor nuclei. The peroneus brevis and peroneus tertius muscles of adult cats were injected with horseradish peroxidase, and motoneurons labeled by retrograde(More)
1. Intra-axonal records from the intraspinal course of Ib and Ia afferent fibres innervating the gastrocnemius medialis muscle were obtained in chloralose or Nembutal-anaesthetized cats during submaximal contractions of the muscle. 2. Afferent fibres in continuity with their muscle of origin were functionally identified by their responses to muscle stretch(More)
Confocal microscopy was used to detect GABA-immunoreactive axo-axonic appositions, indicating possible synaptic contacts, on Ib fiber terminals in the lumbosacral spinal cord. A Ib fiber from posterior biceps-semitendinosus muscles was labeled by intra-axonal ejection of tetramethylrhodamine dextran (red), and serial sections of S1-L7 spinal cord segments(More)
1. Motoneurons innervating peroneal muscles were recorded intracellularly in anesthetized cats during sustained submaximal isometric contractions of peroneus brevis produced by repetitive electrical stimulation of motor axons in the distal portion of cut ventral root filaments. 2. In contrast with the inhibition previously observed during contractions of(More)
1. The types of intra- and extrafusal muscle fibre innervated by dynamic skeleto-fusimotor (beta) axons were determined by using a modification of the glycogen-depletion method of Edström & Kugelberg (1968) combined with histochemical tests for various enzyme reactions. A single beta axon was prepared in each of the experiments, which were carried out on(More)
1. The distribution of fusimotor axons to bag1, bag2 and chain muscle fibres in cat tenuissimus spindles has been studied using a modification of the glycogen-depletion technique of Edstrrom & Kugelberg (1968). Single fusimotor axons were stimulated intermittently at 40-100/sec for long periods (30-90 sec) during blood occlusion. Portions of muscle(More)
1. The effect of stimulating the lumbar sympathetic trunk has been observed on cat lumbrical and tenuissimus muscle spindles. 2. Spindle afferent discharges were recorded either from single Ia fibers in teased dorsal root filaments or from a large number of spindles by integrating their discharges led from muscles nerves. 3. Blood flow in small arteries(More)