L. J. Zhang

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We tested whether two genetic variants were associated with BMD at multiple clinically relevant skeletal sites in Caucasians. We found that variant rs7776725 is consistently associated with hip, spine, wrist and whole-body BMD, which highlights the potential importance of this variant or linked variants for osteoporosis. A recent genome-wide association(More)
Segmentation of industrial markets is typically based on observable characteristics of firms such as their location and size. Indeed, the target market decision research for new product development primarily relies on experience. To improve the effectiveness and power of existing approaches to industrial market segmentation, The target market decision model(More)
In this study, label-free-based quantitative subcellular proteomics integrated with network analysis highlighted several candidate genes including P4HB, ITGB1, CD36, and ACTN1 that may be involved in osteoporosis. All of them are predicted as significant membrane proteins with high confidence and enriched in bone-related biological process. The results were(More)
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