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The human steroid sulfatase gene (STS) is located on the distal X chromosome short arm close to the pseudoautosomal region but in a segment of DNA that is unique to the X chromosome. In contrast to most X chromosome-encoded genes, STS expression is not extinguished during the process of X chromosome inactivation. Deficiency of STS (steryl-sulfatase;(More)
Usual concentrations of antimycin A, rotenone and EDTA, individally or in combination, reduced aerobic growth rate and cell yield of Candida albicans to about half its normal level and to about the levels of previously-described acetate-negative, cytochrome-complete and aa3-deficient variants which were little affected by the inhibitors. Anaerobic(More)
Lymphocytes from 10 paired colostrum and peripheral blood specimens were examined to determine if the colostral T cell population differs from the peripheral blood T cell population in subset distribution. The percentages of lymphocytes staining with OKT3, OKT4, and OKT8 murine monoclonal antibody were determined. Lymphocytes from colostrum were 74.7 +/-(More)
A number of acriflavine-induced mutants ofCandida albicans, characterized by their inability to grow on acetate as a source of energy, were screened for their cytochrome absorption spectra. Three mutants with different spectra, along with their parent, were selected for comparative studies, of their growth, respiratory activities and cellular structure. The(More)
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