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The weather generation methods used in the WEPP model are based on the generators used in the EPIC (Williams et al., 1984), and SWRRB (Williams et al., 1985) models. This selection was based on the following: 1) the existing generators had been well tested in many location across the United States (Nicks, 1985) (see Figure 2.1.1), 2) the inputs for these(More)
She received a B.A. degree in economics and organizational behavior and management from Brown University and an M.S. degree in renewable natural resource studies from the University of Arizona. Background Soil, water, air, the plants and animals they support, and human interaction with them are a central focus of natural resources research and management.(More)
Relationships between sediment-associated contaminants and erosion and sedimentation processes are described, and some gaps in knowledge (with respect to erosion and sediment yield modeling) for improved understanding of contaminant transport and redistribution are identified. Watershed processes and erosion and sediment yield models are discussed. Two(More)
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