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[1] Microalgae are receiving increased global attention as a potential sustainable “energy crop” for biofuel production. An important step to realizing the potential of algae is quantifying the demands commercial‐scale algal biofuel production will place on water and land resources. We present a high‐resolution spatiotemporal assessment that brings to bear(More)
Leonard J. Lane is a Research Hydrologist (retired) with the USDA Agricultural Research Service, Southwest Watershed Research Center in Tucson, AZ. He completed a B.S. degree (honors) in engineering mathematics and an M.S. degree in systems engineering at the University of Arizona, and a Ph.D. degree in civil engineering (hydrology and water resources) at(More)
The weather generation methods used in the WEPP model are based on the generators used in the EPIC (Williams et al., 1984), and SWRRB (Williams et al., 1985) models. This selection was based on the following: 1) the existing generators had been well tested in many location across the United States (Nicks, 1985) (see Figure 2.1.1), 2) the inputs for these(More)
AIMS To evaluate the efficacy and safety of nitrous oxide for children undergoing painful procedures. METHODS Ninety children requiring repeated painful procedures (lumbar puncture, bone marrow aspirate, venous cannulation, or dressing changes) were given nitrous oxide at a variable concentration of 50-70%. Procedure related distress was evaluated using(More)
The hypothesis that statistical analyses of historical time series data can be used to separate the influences of natural variations from anthropogenic sources on global climate change is tested. Point, regional, national, and global temperature data are analyzed. Trend analyses for the period 1901-1987 suggest mean annual temperatures increased (in degrees(More)
The area burned by wildfire in the states of Arizona and New Mexico in the southwestern US has been increasing in recent years. In many cases, high severity burns have caused dramatic increases in runoff and sediment yield from burned watersheds. This paper describes the potential and limitations of the HEC6T sediment transport model to describe changes in(More)
Nurse-controlled analgesia (NCA) using a patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) device has been described for intensive care and postoperative use. This report describes the effective use of this technique for severe episodic and procedural pain in four children with advanced malignancy and high opioid requirements where conventional parenteral analgesia had(More)
Relationships between sediment-associated contaminants and erosion and sedimentation processes are described, and some gaps in knowledge (with respect to erosion and sediment yield modeling) for improved understanding of contaminant transport and redistribution are identified. Watershed processes and erosion and sediment yield models are discussed. Two(More)