L. J. Kohout

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We consider the use of a generalized interval arithmetic in algorithms for solving nonlinear equations or systems of nonlinear equations. The algorithms can involve either derivatives or slopes. The convergence rate is improved for either form. The improvement is greater if slopes, rather than derivatives, are used. However, the slope method is applicable(More)
This paper continues investigation of systems of fuzzy interval logics based on the Checklist Paradigm semantics of Bandler and Kohout. The paper looks at the alternative negations that may appear in the interval system rti\. In the previous papers dealing with checklist paradigm based interval systems the 2ary connectives were the interval connectives but(More)
Many authors have emphasized the similarity between quantum logic and fuzzy logic. In this paper, we show that, in spite of this similarity, these logics are not identical. Specifically, we show that while quantum logic has a special "square root of not" operation which is very useful in quantum computing, fuzzy logic lacks such an operation.
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