L. J. Henderson

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The characteristic behavioral effects of mescaline in cats were nearly completely blocked by pretreatment with low doses of either a specific serotonin antagonist (methysergide) or a dopamine specific antagonist (haloperidol). These blocking effects were not due to non-specific actions, since methysergide did not block the behavioral effects of apomorphine,(More)
Rope is a condition of bacterial decomposition of bread which leads to a peculiar slimy or ropy consistency of portions of the interior of the loaf, produces an odor resembling that of ensilage, and renders the loaf unacceptable. During summer months the loss of bread through the development of rope may be very great, and individual bakeries may become so(More)
In this paper there are reported studies of the acid-base equilibrium in systems containing gluten suspended in solution of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. The studies have involved measurements of the hydrogen ion concentration, of the electrical conductivity, and of the solution of the proteins. Further, measurements have been made of the swelling(More)
The rising of bread and the quality of the baked loaf depend upon the nature of the dough and especially upon such of its properties as tenacity, ductility, and elasticity. These properties are hard to define theoretically in this complex colloidal system, but they are, as we have found, related to viscosity or to whatever may determine the resistance of(More)
Pretreatment with ascorbic acid (500 mg kg-1 i.p.) antagonized the behavioural effects of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and apomorphine, but not 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine, in cats. The data support the hypothesis that these behavioural effects in cats are due to drug action at both 5-HT and dopamine receptors, and that the action of LSD at(More)
Buspirone, a non-benzodiazepine anxiolytic agent, produced dose-dependent increases in the activity of norepinephrine-containing locus coeruleus neurons recorded from mouse brain slices in vitro. The response was not changed in a low calcium/high magnesium incubation medium, indicating that the observed effects were the result of a direct action of(More)