L J Gansheroff

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Mutations selected as suppressors of Ty or solo delta insertion mutations in Saccharomyces cerevisiae have identified several genes, SPT3, SPT7, SPT8, and SPT20, that encode components of the SAGA complex. However, the mechanism by which SAGA activates transcription of specific RNA polymerase II-dependent genes is unknown. We have conducted a fine-structure(More)
Mutations in the SPT7 gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae originally were identified as suppressors of Ty and delta insertion mutations in the 5' regions of the HIS4 and LYS2 genes. Other genes that have been identified in mutant hunts of this type have been shown to play a role in transcription. In this work we show that SPT7 is also important for proper(More)
Analysis of more than 100 extragenic suppressors of the lamB14D signal-sequence mutation (changes Val in the hydrophobic core region at position 14 to Asp) has revealed alterations that appear to lie at prlA (secY) and secA (prlD), two loci known to be mutable to suppressor alleles, and a new suppressor termed prlG. One allele of the new suppressor class,(More)
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