L J Benaim

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We report two observations of ilio-hypogastric and ilio-inguinal palsy. In both cases, an inguino-scrotal pain occurs just after low back effort. Clinically, we observed an infero-lateral 'pseudo-eventration' and trochantero-inguino-scrotal hypoesthesia in the first patient and an inguino-scrotal hypoesthesia in the second. The EMG recording shows an(More)
INTRODUCTION We report a series of 19 cases of axillary nerve lesions, which were operated between 1981 and 1995. MATERIAL AND METHODS There were 14 isolated lesions of the axillary nerve and in 5 patients the lesion to the axillary nerve was associated either with a lesion of the radial nerve or with a lesion of the suprascapular nerve. Fourteen patients(More)
Clinical and electrophysiological data in two cases of amyotrophy of parietal origin (Silverstein's syndrome) are reported. Some parietal lesions provoke amyotrophy, usually with a sensory deficit but sometimes isolated, of rapid onset and affecting mainly the upper limb extremity. In the two cases reported, a spontaneous electromyographic activity was(More)
The intra-operative establishment of some impairments of the median nerve, in patients who are operated for carpal tunnel syndrome and who previously received several local injections of corticoids, led the authors to try to see the respective responsibility of the compression and of the injection in the degenerative process. In 60- dog cubital nerves, it(More)
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