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The influence of oxygen distribution in a shallow water on the spatial distribution of the macrobenthic fauna has been investigated. We studied both the bathymetric and the vertical distribution in the sediment in order to assess the biological importance of oxygen microstratification. Oxygen concentrations in the water column were measured with a Clark(More)
This paper discusses the importance of background concentrations of NH 3 , SO 2 and NO x for the estimation of environmental external costs of secondary particulates. A modified version of the ECOSENSE software was developed within the ongoing series of European ExternE projects, devoted to the assessment of energy related environmental external costs.(More)
This paper reviews the use of conceptual frameworks in research on active travel, such as walking and cycling. Generic framework features and a wide range of contents are identified and synthesized into a comprehensive framework of active travel behavior, as part of the Physical Activity through Sustainable Transport Approaches project (PASTA). PASTA is a(More)
We present observations on the variability of sediment penetration depth by the Ponar grab sampler, which lead us to question the reliability of grab samples in the quantitative study of freshwater benthos. Penetration depth of the Petite Ponar grab depends on substrate type, and correlates with the amount of organic carbon, the water content and the(More)
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