L. Imbasciati

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The first one-meter long common coil dipole model (HFDC-01) has been fabricated and tested at Fermilab. This magnet has several innovative features such as: single-layer racetrack coils, a 22-mm wide 60-strand Rutherford-type cable made of 0.7-mm Nb/sub 3/Sn strands, and a stainless steel coil-support structure reinforced by horizontal bridges inserted(More)
A 10 T racetrack magnet (HFDB-03) wound with pre-reacted Nb3Sn Rutherford cable has been fabricated and tested at Fermilab. This magnet is the third one in a proof-ofprinciple series for the use of the React-and-Wind technology in common-coil dipole magnets for future accelerators. It consists of two flat racetrack coils (28 turns each) separated by 5 mm.(More)
During a quench, significant temperatures can arise as a magnet's stored energy is dissipated in the normal zone. Temperature gradients during this process give rise to localized strains within the coil. Reactive forces in the magnet structure balance the electromagnetic and thermal forces and maintain on equilibrium. In this paper we present a complete 3D(More)
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