L Ibba Manneschi

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Interstitial cells of Cajal (ICC) are distributed throughout the gastrointestinal muscle coat with a region-specific location, and are considered to be pace-maker and/or mediators of neurotransmission. Little is known about their shape, size, distribution and relationships with excitatory and inhibitory nerves in human stomach. With this aim, we labeled the(More)
Neutrophil accumulation and the consequent production of oxygen-derived free radicals are involved in the pathogenesis of Ischemia-Reperfusion syndrome. In this study we investigated whether a treatment with Vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties, could attenuate the tissue damage by interfering with the influx of neutrophils within the ischemic and(More)
AIMS To investigate the effectiveness of long term, low dose azithromycin treatment for chronic cryptosporidiosis in patients with AIDS. METHODS Azithromycin was administered as initial daily treatment to 13 patients with AIDS: 6 patients received 500 mg for 30 to 40 days (mean 35); 3 patients received 1000 mg for 21 to 50 days (mean 37); and 4 patients(More)
Using a novel model of heterotopic rat heart transplantation, the present study was undertaken to evaluate whether parenchymal and microvascular alterations of the ischemic and reperfused myocardium occurred and could be related to local neutrophil infiltration. In such a model, hearts were rapidly excised from donor rats, maintained in a cold saline(More)
OBJECTIVES PNS is involved in Systemic Sclerosis (SSc) since the earliest phases. Our aim is to perform an ultrastructural study on skin PNS fibers in SSc. METHODS Skin biopsies were taken from forearms of 8 patients affected by limited SSc (lSSc) and 3 controls and processed for transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The semithin sections (2 mm) were(More)
In the present research four different procedures were tested for the Scanning Electron Microscopic identification of Auerbach's myenteric plexus in the distal colon of the rat. The specimens were processed as follows: enzymatic and chemical digestion (trypsin and HCl); fixation with glutaraldehyde; fixation and staining with zinc iodide/osmium tetroxide(More)
AIMS To define the relationship between morphological injury of the intestinal mucosa and infections in AIDS patients. METHODS Forty-nine AIDS patients were examined by upper gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy and 8 of them also by lower GI endoscopy. Biopsy specimens, taken from the lower duodenum, esophagus and rectum, were studied by light (L.M.) and(More)
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