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Most eukaryotic mRNA precursors (premRNAs) must undergo extensive processing, including cleavage and polyadenylation at the 3'-end. Processing at the 3'-end is controlled by sequence elements in the pre-mRNA (cis elements) as well as protein factors. Despite the seeming biochemical simplicity of the processing reactions, more than 14 proteins have been(More)
A novel gene related to heavy-metal transport was cloned and identified from the filamentous cyanobacterium Oscillatoria brevis. Sequence analysis of the gene (the Bxa1 gene) showed that its product possessed high homology with heavy-metal transport CPx-ATPases. The CPC motif, which is proposed to form putative cation transduction channel, was found in the(More)
A DNA nanopolylinker was designed as a three dimensional nanoprobe with high loading of signal molecules for amplifying the biosensing signal. The nanoprobe was prepared by hybridization chain reaction engineering dsDNA polymerization on initiator DNA modified Au nanoparticle with two kinds of small molecule, for example, FITC-labeled DNA hairpins. The(More)
Objective To investigate the role of S100B in the development of Parkinson's disease (PD) and explore the possibility of brain-specific S100B transgenic mice as PD animal model. Methods The hS100B transgenic mice were established. The mice were divided into S100B transgenic group (TG),S100B knockout group (KG),and the non-transgenic control group (CG).(More)
We introduce a transmit preprocessing technique for the downlink of multi-user LDC (Linear Dispersed Code) and SM (Spatial Multiplexing) combined system, in which complete channel state information is available to the base transceiver station (BTS). The preprocessing technique can not only effectively cancels co-channel interference (CCI) thus enabling(More)
At present, the submarines employ towed antennas to receive super low frequency(SLF) signal, which not only limits the mobility and safety of submarine, but also exists receiving blind zone. On account of the advantages of magnetic antenna, such as small size, high sensitivity and strong anti-jam capacity, it is proposed to receive SLF signals. In(More)
Based on the characteristics of channel noise of Super Low Frequency (SLF) channel which is mainly formed with white Gaussian noise and impulse noise caused by thunders, and displays an obvious non-Gaussian feature, the thesis proceeds an analysis on multiple channels coding, designs a channel coding scheme for SLF communication and carries out a simulation(More)