L. I. Krivov

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In mdx mice, mutation in the muscle protein dystrophin gene results in the development of chronic degeneration of the muscle tissue. We performed a comparative analysis of blood cytokine levels in mdx mice, classical black mice and mice with additional genetic defect responsible for the manifestations of oculocutaneous albinism. In mdx albino mice, the(More)
Genetic selection in a colony of mdx mice (suffering from X-chromosome-linked muscular dystrophy) resulted in generation of their new genetic variant. In this new variant, the genetic, biochemical, and histological markers of muscular dystrophy are combined with signs of oculocutaneous albinism (skin and fur depigmentation), transillumination of the iris,(More)
Responses of the skeletal muscle tissue and thymus to muscle injury (complete transection) and wound xenoplasty with the minced muscle tissue of newborn rats (tissue therapy) were studied in mdx mice aged 12–16 and 40–48 weeks. The muscle tissue of mdx mice has genetic defects causing chronic dystrophic processes in it. The muscle tissue of young mdx mice(More)
The production of interleukin 1 (IL1) by peritoneal and splenic macrophages from rats with adjuvant-induced arthritis on day 17 postadjuvant treatment was not altered compared with normal. Treatment of arthritic rats with beta-carotene reduced hind paw swelling and significantly increased ability of macrophages to secrete IL1 as well as stimulated(More)
Animals with bradycardia were detected in reproductive colony of mdx mice. Low pulse rate was associated with poor survival and predisposition to sudden death, but did not directly depend on the presence of dystrophin mutant gene or animal age. Heart rate increased in old mice with bradycardia after extracardial, intramuscular, and intravenous injection of(More)
In the work there was studied the influence of hepatic chalones on the level of mitotic activity and on the degree of adhesion of hepatocytes after the violation of parasympathetic and sympathetic innervation under the physiological conditions of liver function and in regenerating organ. Some definite regularities were revealed in the change of the power of(More)
cytes, while its activity towards neutrophils increases considerably. It can be concluded that the catabolism of CRP in the focus of inflammation gives rise to products with new immunoregulatory properties. Free subunits can be regarded as endogenous pH-dependent immunoregulatory agents, which differ from native CRP in a greater selectivity towards(More)
The intensity of regeneration of crossed gastrocnemius muscle was evaluated in two groups of mdx mice of different age 2 weeks after implantation of crushed muscle tissue from newborn rats into the wound defect area. The effect of xenoplasty manifested in increased weight of the damaged muscle. The effect was observed in mice aging 12–16 weeks but not in(More)
Differences in the pools of 10 cytokine were found in blood samples from the caudal vein of mice with normal and abnormal heart rhythm. Both groups were albino mice bred by us and differing from mdx albino mice by the absence of mutation in muscular dystrophin gene. Mice with normal heart rhythm had low IL-17 content and elevated concentrations of(More)