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Objective. The objective of this study was to establish the risks for coronary heart disease in the Chornobyl clean-up workers with regard to a whole-body external radiation dose and non-radiation (biological, social-and-hygienic and behavioral) factors. Materials and methods. Risk-analysis was based on the cohort of the Chornobyl male clean-up workers(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish the cerebrovascular disease risks in the Chornobyl clean-up workers with regard to whole-body external dose and non-radiation factors i.e. biological, social-and-hygienic, behavioral ones. MATERIALS AND METHODS Risk-analysis was based on the cohort of the Chornobyl male clean-up workers of 1986-1987 period (8625 men including 3623(More)
The characteristics of the contamination resulting from the Chernobyl accident are defined, as a basis for epidemiological investigations. Due to loss of integrity of the nuclear fuel and thermal buoyancy from fire and nuclear heating, a large quantity of radioisotopes were released over a period of up to 16 days. The areas affected were very large, 37(More)
It is generally recognized that the Chornobyl nuclear accident caused strong psychosocial stress affecting the entire population of Ukraine, primarily people involved in recovery operations. But what are the reasons? What is the struc ture of stressors? What are their social, medical and biological consequences, what are strategy and preventive meas ures?(More)
Algorithm of calculation of consitent approximation to real entropy and redundancy which helps to understand the connection of two or more related states was realized by means of electronic computer BECM-6. Different laws of changes of information estimates dependeing on the number of approximation and the pitch of temporary quantum of messages corresponded(More)
A number of informational estimates for the reactions of excitation, inhibition and of A-type (according to Young) of rabbits' visual cortex neurons to constant light was calculated by means of electronic computer -6. It has been found that entropy as well as redundancy are sometimes the characteristics of reactions intensity: the correlation of their(More)
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