L I Hinrichsen

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The mechanism(s) by which a diet devoid of choline (CD) induces hepatocellular carcinomas in rats remains unknown. Although animals fed this diet develop nuclear lipid peroxidation, suggesting oxidative DNA damage, there is no direct evidence that this occurs. In this study, 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine (8-OHdG), a DNA adduct generated by reactive oxygen(More)
In individual altered hepatic foci (AHF), aneuploidy occurs before malignant changes can be diagnosed histologically (O. Sudilovsky and T. K. Hei. Fed. Proc., 42:2225, 1983). In the current experiments Sprague-Dawley rats of both sexes were given i.p. injections of diethylnitrosamine (50 mg/kg body weight) 18 h after partial hepatectomy and were given a(More)
Pharmacological doses of estradiol administered to rats increased the Ca mass of their femurs through a significant reduction in the rate of Ca resorption. On a body basis, the same animals showed increased rates of skeletal Ca deposition and resorption and no effect on the skeletal mass. The non uniform effect of estradiol on the skeleton, if confirmed in(More)
The phenotypic expression of bone mass and several related variables were investigated in the rat, assessing the differences and resemblances between two strains of inbred rats and their reciprocal hybrids. The data obtained indicated a strong influence of the maternal environment in the expression of total calcium mass and the rates of true calcium (Ca)(More)
We examined the effect of a choline-devoid (CD) diet on the development of gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase (GGT)-positive foci in both sexes of the inbred rat strains Fischer 344 and PVG/R8. Following partial hepatectomy, 7 to 8 week old animals were given a choline-supplemented diet for 1 week. Two groups were then formed: one remained on choline-supplemented(More)
The effects of the administration of pharmacological doses of estradiol were studied in two genetically different lines of inbred rats, at two stages of development, to gain a new insight into the genetic and physiological organization of the response of bone and Ca metabolism to exogenous estrogens. The comparative analysis of the effects on bone tissue(More)
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